The proffesor

May 22nd, 2004  
lil Lt

Topic: The proffesor

There was this College Proffesor, who was a staunch Athiest. He told his class that he could prove that God didnt exist, he stated, "I can prove there is no such thing as God, I will give him 15 minutes to strike me down." And thus the proffesor waited with his class, soon there was 10 minutes left, then 7, then five, then 2, and then with about half a minute left, a Marine walks into his class and gives the Proffesor a mean uppercut. When the proffesor finally comes too, he looks around and see's the Marine, and askes, "Why did you punch me?" The Marine let out a hardy laugh and replied,'' God was he sent me."
May 22nd, 2004  

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