PRIMITIVE WAR by Harry Holbert Turney-High

October 14th, 2009  

Topic: PRIMITIVE WAR by Harry Holbert Turney-High

PRIMITIVE WAR by Harry Holbert Turney-High

The author, Harry Holbert Turney-High, had a unique background that allowed him to provide unique incite into what he called Primitive War. He was the head of the department of anthropology and sociology at the University of South Carolina and holds a Ph. D. He spent many years as a cavalry officer and as a staff officer in World War II. Turney-High was awarded five campaign stars, three official commendations, the Bronze Star Medal, and the Order of Orange Nassau (Netherlands).

Turney-High skillfully blended his professional experiences in both these fields to write this book. His main theory is than primitive civilizations lost not so much as a result of a lack of technology but because they never advanced to what we know as the Principles of War.

It's an absolutely brilliant book which I have read six times over the years. I simply cannot praise it enough.

It's finally been reprinted and is available new in soft cover or in the original hard cover as used.

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