President Bush to visit Victory Junction

October 18th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: President Bush to visit Victory Junction

The Victory Junction Gang Camp is proud to announce that President Bush will be coming to the camp on Wednesday October 18th for a tour of the facilities and to meet some of the VJGC campers. “Pattie and I are honored to have President Bush come visit the camp. This is exciting for all of us and we are truly humbled. So many NASCAR drivers, officials and fans have poured their hearts and souls into helping the camp grow,” said Kyle Petty, Co-founder of Victory Junction Gang Camp. “President Bush visiting the camp is a great reward for everyone’s dedication and an incredible opportunity for him to bring awareness to the plight of a chronically ill child. This visit will enable the President to see how the camp provides a life changing experience to the children and their families free of charge. I can’t thank the President enough for taking time to come. I hope this makes every kid and parent that has visited the camp very proud.” The Victory Junction Gang Camp is a member of the Association of Hole in the Wall Gang Camps and is free to children and their families. The camp operates solely on the generous donations of individuals, corporations and foundation. For more information, visit

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