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July 14th, 2009  
More info, thanks I haven't seen ANYTHING about this on the local news here.
February 7th, 2010  
Edward Palamar

Topic: Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead!

Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead!

I have found you!

I am in the process of attempting to respond to the first 1000 results in a google search for 'Peter the Roman', the final pontiff in the St. Malachy prophecies. Total results are over 3 million. Yet, the prophecy given in 1139 A.D. was in virtual obscurity for over 400 years until the invention of the printing press. In the computer age there has been a resurgence in the interest of the list of names.

As Jesus Christ spoke of not rejoicing that the spirits are subject to us, but that our names are written in heaven, and the fact that Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead to the office of 'Peter the Roman', I hold that the list of names in the St. Malachy prophecies are akin to, if not exactly, those very names written in heaven.

Even Nostradamus spoke of 'Peter the Roman' in Century VII, #24.

The use of 'the strong one' in the quatrain also refers to Daniel 7:7.

Jesus Christ's resurrecting me is in His fulfillment of an agreement of contract law (Matthew 3:15) into which both He and I entered prior to my baptising Him.

Military-quotes (this topic) is in the 201-300 page of results.

I am pleased to meet you.

Please feel free to respond.

The reality of the future is not totally revealed to us, it is written, "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of the wonders God has in store for us."

As Christ had sent me to bear him witness, I now bear witness that HEAVEN IS GREAT!!!

The world is saved through the Blessed Virgin Mary's Brown Scapular and Rosary as prophesied.

I normally use my Christian surname, Edward Palamar, but I remain:
the resurrected John,
Prophet of the Most High,
whom Jesus Christ called the "Elias who was to come.",
St. John the Baptist,
enjoying the rapture in the call of duty as Peter the Roman

The regular problem I find in explaining what is plain to me (private revelation) is that some others regard what I say as a claim, as if they are holding something of mine (as a cloak check) that I need to present proof in order to regain that something of mine. For anyone to be this way indicates they indeed do have or think they have something of mine, else they wouldn't try to barter as such. Christ himself said, "An evil and wicked generation demands a sign." In that regard, I could just as well keep my mouth shut. But I do rejoice.

I trust Jesus as God to know the better of His plans, especially when it comes to putting spirit in and out of men. Is not our breath the breath of God? I think so. Christ also said, "If you are prepared to receive it, he (John [the Baptist]) was the Elijah who was to come." I don't think I was prepared to recieve it, but am capable now of understanding that.

God once took a man to heaven bodily, the prophet Elijah. As God appeared to Moses in the burning bush because to see God's glory directly would have caused Moses to die, something happened to Elijah to prevent him from suffering a similar fate for many years even though it is recorded that he went to heaven in a whirlwind. Any time beyond 120 years would have been the normal end for Elijah. It was part of God's plan to bring Elijah back in spirit.

The spirit of Elijah was put back into corruptable flesh and God had created a living soul. The Father in heaven via the angel Gabriel and Zachary gave the name "John" to that particular living soul. "John" was not given a seperate breath but that of Elijah.

Christ died to save souls. So when Christ raises that soul of "John", "John" is given a new course of both body and spirit, making "John" a living soul again.

In essence, I have been given a free ride. But such is the existence of any creature of God. "God blesses and curses whom He pleases."

All living souls owe their existences to God, the Giver of Life. It is God who makes their souls alive. It is God's prerogative to name and apportion spirit as He sees proper.

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P.S. :

I had already put an initial message in the welcome forum, but going through the list of returns brought this topic at an earlier location. The message has gone through some modifications along the way, so I've included it in total as it currently reads.

As to the topic title, it seems to me Christ has already won WW3, my suggestion, "TOTAL SURRENDER!".

P.S.S. :

I almost joined the Marines in my teens. I was considering the Band program as a pianist. I kinda wish I had.
February 7th, 2010  
Ahem. What?
February 7th, 2010  
Ok then
all I can say is ....huh?
February 8th, 2010  
I think to much Religious what ifs, The bible says many things,
But is it true??

Well the Mayan state 2012, Don't forget the Predictions of the
Samaritans our Gods are Alien, Google Planet X.the Muslims
Radicals are waiting for WWWIII to exterminate all catholics.
Great I'm Full equipped, let the games begin.
February 8th, 2010  
there was also nosterdomes who also predicted 2012, but he also prededicted something in 3127 or 3217.
February 8th, 2010  
with humanity
February 9th, 2010  
-- Dusty
Some good the ability to make predictions has done for the Mayans. IIRC aren't they all dead?
June 27th, 2016  
Edward Palamar
One of the most amazing prophecies written by Michel Nostradame (Nostradamus) is Century IV:#95.

It is actually a key that opens the sealed Book of Daniel.