Practical jokes....

October 30th, 2004  

Topic: Practical jokes....

Weekend, two days off! Playing games, getting some sleep and doing all the fun stuff I can't do during my ordinary working hours.

Well, at least I thought. At 07:30 this morning my boss called in.

"Howdy ho, how are you? You're late for work, we have tons of things to do, didn't you read my email last night?"

No, I do not check my work email in the weekends, so pretty pissed off I had a quick shower and headed for work. Arriving at the office building there's no lights on, everything dark and the house alarm running. Turning off the alarm system, taking the elevator to our floor and walking to my office I saw a note on my office door saying

"Hehe, see you on monday"

I need a good revenge on this.... Anyone who knows any good practical jokes to pull?
October 30th, 2004  
Darkmb101 the sites loaded with pranks u can do.
November 5th, 2004  
As a joke me and my friends used floor jacks to jack up a friends car and move it to another parking stall. We threw broken glass all over the ground and when he came back it looked like his car was stolen. That was his baby and he was so pissed off. He was ready to cry before we broke the news to him. But if you have access to some type of jacks that'd work, it's funny as hell too.

My brother brought a mud pie to class for his senior class party. They gave him the crust so he filled it with mud and put some nice layers of toppings on there. Some kid ate part of one and figured it out.