Political Correctness is going to far....

Political Correctness is going to far....
September 15th, 2005  

Topic: Political Correctness is going to far....

Political Correctness is going to far....
Okay, do i take things too far. No. Not in my opinion. Do others take things too far. Yes. Now, i understand that this is a PUBLIC FORUM. And by that, I mean that people from all over the world read what's posted. That's what makes the internet great. And I also understand that this is a privately owned business. And the owners and moderators have a right to edit what people post.

But sometimes I find that it is taken too far. Do i go over the line sometimes. Yes, but most of us are adults. And because of that. I get sick and tired of being told to watch what I post. Please people. The stuff of being politicaly correct is getting out of hand. It's tearing our lives apart. Or at least mine. I can't express my opinions at work, I can't do that at campus, I can't do that on he internet. Hell, I can't do it anywhere. And yet, the 1st Amendment states that I as a Citizen of the United States of America have the legal and GOD given right to free speech and the right to express one's self. And yes, some members here aren't citizens of the USA. And for that. I'm sorry that some of you don't understand that right or get to enjoy that right.

I sweat, toil, work, and have shed blood so that people can burn the Flag of the USA in protest against their own government. And I get tired and pissed off just like anyone else. Well, when I speak. I don't speak like some rich upper class New York Senator whose name I shall not mention. Because someone might say that my post is wrong.

I speak like what I am. A hard working, God fearing, Gun Owning, Prior Soldier, Current Student, Cuban American. I've seen what the dark side of man can offer. I've lived in a nation where simply stating that you do not agree with the current leader can have you dragged off into a prison and possibly execution. I've fought in far distant lands and seen what a government of fear and hate can do to it's people. And I've also seen in my travels of what other nations call freedom. And I'm sorry folks. But the United States of America is the corner stone of FREEDOM. This nation was founded on the ideals of freedom.

Freedom of Choice
Freedom of Government Oppression
Freedom of Religon
Freedom of Speech
And so on...

I speak my mind, that's what I do. PERIOD. Some don't like it. They don't have to read it. But you know what. I might not agree with you. And I might get into a flame war with you. But I still respect the right that YOU, have the right to speak your mind. Now, I don't want to piss of the Mods on this board. But here's the thing.


Speak your mind, vent your anger, and piss people off. That's how you and I and everyone else vents their anger. So in the end, let me have my damn politically incorrect post back. That's it. Nothing else. Hell you want me to tone it down a little. Fine. But I get really ticked off when people don't let me speak my mind!

Luis (5.56X45MM)
September 15th, 2005  
I think the problem is, althought i agree with you most of the time. You choose a language that tries to make me people angry play with the line of acceptableity, when milder language would be just as effective. And i cant thank you enough for defending that freedom for the rest of us.
September 15th, 2005  
Elections are coming up in NZ and National Party's Leaflet said

Social Engineering and Polictically Correct nonsense has no place in our classrooms has to go
Political Correctness is going to far....
September 15th, 2005  
Yup, that's right. Being nice doesn't work.
September 15th, 2005  
Whispering Death
Well, as you well know your first ammendment rights do not pertain to the internet. Pretty much the only ruler of an internet site is the webmaster and it's only his ammendments that aply.

As for speach, your concerns might be caused by the fact that your phrasing tends to be inciting. While this particular forum, and others like it, tend to enjoy an abundance of opinions, they tend to be in favor of phrasing those opinions in logical, informative terms instead of propogandist incitful ones.

Therefore, while you might have strong opinions of your own, you will likely find it to your bennefit to speak in manners by which you can create a dialogue to convice others rather than in a manner by which to engage in verbal fighting with them. Furthermore, forums such as this one tend to be created for the people that are open to differing opinions. Those that are conclusive and set in their ways, the ones who are solely convinced of their own rightness, tend to have problems in such forums by virtue of the fact that they will not yield regardless of how strongly logic dictates the wrongness of their position. And this forum is one that supports the theory of logic above all others.
September 15th, 2005  
I completly agree, Political Correctness sucks big time.

I don't personally how bad it is in the US, but In Australia, Political Correctness is really getting out of hand, to the point that people who are bold enough, brave enough and smart enough to speak their mind freely are being discriminated against.

Years ago if someone went out of line with their comments/opinons, people just told them to pull their head in. Now, you can practically be sued for anything.

The Government has scemes that help women rise up the corporate ladder faster than men because of in-equality, if you are of aboriginal desent you can get free tution off the Government in high school and into a Uni ahead of someone else, purely because of the in-equality of Aboriginals in proportion to non aboriginals, (mind you they are only 1-2% of the pop.) A boss can be sued for in-direct discrimination...

That's right. A big case in the 80's BHP had cut about 1000 jobs nation wide so they sacked the less expirenced less qualified people. The majority of these people were women so they sued and won, because BHP had in-directly discriminated against them.
How the hell can you In Directly Discriminate. Discriminate means you did it on purpose, in dierect means you didn't.
September 15th, 2005  
Freedom of speech is fine, but should it be used to create hatred and killings. Should the Freedom of speech be used to undermine the security of the the State by passing on information to people that can do the State harm, or place your forces at risk. It must be remembered that most people who are demanding the freedom of speech are journalist who just want a good story.
Freedom of Religion sounds fine as long it is not mad Muslim clerics calling for a jihad and wanting planes to crash into buildings.
Freedom of Choice, thats okay as long as it is your choice and does not affect any one else.
There was a time in this world before mass air travel when communities were very settled and there was an understanding between every one. Now people can move so quickly around the world that they want to bring their life styles with them, well some time it will work and some times it doesn't.
So do you have complete freedoms or do you have some form of restrictions.
September 15th, 2005  
Luis, you have every right to speak your mind and share your views with any who will listen. You can create your own website, send emails to eveyone in the world, fax your views to every fax number, even stand on a street corner and shout your beliefs out loud. However, the right to post your views in a forum requires that you follow the guidelines of that forum. You know you agreed to do that when you joined, and those rules allow for civil discussion of issues. If your views bother others, then they can speak out against them following those same rules. If, however, the language you use to express your views or to respond to other's views violates the forum rules, you get censored or bounced.

If you stood on a street corner and shouted obscenities at people driving by, eventually you'd get busted. If you faxed obscenities to businesses or people you don't agree with, eventually you'd get busted. Internet forums are no different.

Share your ideas in a civil way, and let us break them apart, tear them down, and expose them for the rubbish they are in a civil way.

OK, that last wasn't entirely serious.
September 16th, 2005  
I can understand civility. I can understand politeness. What I hate are hypocrites. Those that say and do something totally different than what they profess their beliefs to be. Many times you can look at those that preach political correctness and see a hypocrite.
September 21st, 2005  
Freedom of Government Oppression
That's funny. It's true as it stands but I would bet you meant to say "freedom FROM government oppression".

As for being politically correct. Its called emotional intelligence and there is something else at play that the US Supreme Court handed down known as the "fighting words doctrine".

To summarise it means that if one says something that would cause a reasonable person to become angry then one is guilty of assault. If one says something that makes me so angry I hit them, guess what, they threw the first "punch" with their words and I was, in the opinion of the court, defending myself. Like it or not it is the law of the land. One has the right to say whatever one wants but it does not give one carte blanche to be a jerk and not pay for it one way or another.

In civilised society there is what is called the "social contract" and if one cannot abide by the conventions of this contract- leave, its what the founders of the US did. They didn't stay in Europe and fight, they left and formed their own society. One just has to get more creative these days as the frontiers are fewer and farther between but its a time honoured tradition some also call "frontierism". It alone fueled America's westward migration more than any other single factor- not liking the current rules of a society.

One can't change the majority. Learn from the river, flow and find a place to rest. One's other options are to adapt to the norm or pay the price for being non-conformist. There is no shame in any of these choices but one must accept this as the reality and no amount of whinging will change it.