Police work to confirm Azahari death

November 10th, 2005  

Topic: Police work to confirm Azahari death

Police work to confirm Azahari death
12:11 PM November 10

Indonesian police have sealed off a house in East Java where it is believed Jemaah Islamiah's top bomb-maker Azahari bin Husin has blown himself up.

Authorities suspect Azahari was the mastermind behind bombings in Bali and at the Marriott Hotel and Australian embassy in Jakarta.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) chief Mick Keelty says information led investigators to a hide-out in East Java.

"It appears ... that Azahari detonated a bomb when he was cornered by police," he said.

Police will now work to confirm his death.

Commissioner Keelty says an AFP team is already in the area.

"That forward group, which contains forensic people as well, will set about working with Indonesian national police," he said.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has reacted with caution.

"There have been false reports before," he said.

"Anyway it would be very good news if he had been taken out of the scene."

The Opposition's foreign affairs spokesman, Kevin Rudd, says Azahari's death would help to defeat terrorism in South-East Asia.
Source: ABC


oh wouldn't that be nice
November 10th, 2005  
i love this, the channel 7 website has the nice headline "bali bomb suspec dead" and in the article it says "believed to have blown himself
they gotta be the wrost reporters ever, i wish they would get some talent, check the news before publishing it and making sure it is all consistent.