Poland is going to send tanks to Afganistan.

November 11th, 2006  
Venom PL

Topic: Poland is going to send tanks to Afghanistan.

In addition to 1200 troops Poland is going to send a company of Polish PT-91 tanks.
Beside that we are sending Rosomak’s and Szakal’s and some helicopters.

When I will find a source in English I’ll post it.

Polish PT-91 "Hard"
November 11th, 2006  
Could you, please, post the Polish version?

November 11th, 2006  
Venom PL
Yes here you go boris - http://www.nfow.pl/viewtopic.php?t=1...=asc&start=180 - Polish Army Forum.

Don't know why but this site is down right now (probably maintenance)

BTW: This information was not officially declared to the public yet
But I know that this info is confirmed and within view days it will be announced in the press. Of course then i will post a link to official information.

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