February 19th, 2010  

Topic: Poem

I wrote this poem several years ago, and just thought you guys might like to read it.


Alas! I am hidden, hidden beyond detection.
Those leafy components of Nature's produce have done well in dissembling my person
From those who would red my soul from its temporal shell.
No, they cannot detect me - they should not, must not detect me. For my concerns lie not in myself, but in a loyalty which
surpasses that of my own well-being.
Wait, I shall, concealed, until opportunity beckons me be revealed.

Ho ho! But what is this that trudges so noisily through the brush?
Merely a man, but my enemy...'tis true. How carefully I observe him;
not a move does he make that escapes my view.
Never was one more scrupulously watched!
Look, now, where he makes camp- the most unfortunate of places; And look
how innocently he eats! Must I be the one to end him?
Alas, I must! For my loyalty transcends all humanly compassion.
The sky darkens as the hours pass by, and
Still I watch.
Wait, I shall, concealed, until opportunity beckons me be revealed.

All is dark, myself now cloaked in Nature's black veil and
Still I watch.
Yet what is this? Companions to join their lonely friend? A pity to have to end them all!
Gathered 'round the fire are they, chatting together in alien tongue...
The bell of opportunity tolls!
A last look through the glass; A breath withheld to guide my aim (goodbye my friends!);
A squeeze that would not stir a feather...

God rest their souls!

And then I move to find another lair
Where wait, I shall, concealed, until opportunity beckons me be revealed.
February 20th, 2010  
Very nice!
February 21st, 2010  
Nicely written.
February 24th, 2010  
Very nice
February 24th, 2010  
Well done
March 10th, 2010  
Del Boy
Nice one. Very atmospheric. When I was a kid in the infantry I was repeatedly warned about you!

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