February 3rd, 2008  
Team Infidel

Topic: Poaching.....

Mitch decided to go fishing, and set off walking along the bank of
a wild scenic river. He'd walked for a couple miles and hadn't seen
even the hint of another human being. Shortly, he came across a sign
that said "NO POACHING" and warned that violators would be fined $500.
Mitch looked at the sign, shrugged and walked on.
About midday, he found the perfect fishing hole. He put down his
pack, took up his fishing pole and cast the line. In no time at all
he was hauling in these huge trout.
Not wanting to be greedy, Mitch decided to stop at 5 fish. He
cleaned 2 of them, built a fire, got a frying pan out of his pack and
went about cooking a meal.
As the fish were frying, a Game Warden approached.
"Howdy," said Mitch.
"Been fishin', I see.." said the Warden.
"Yep. Caught some real beauts," Mitch agreed.
"Uh huh. Tell me, did you happen to see a 'no poaching' sign down stream a ways?"
"Sure did. Big sign. Couldn't miss it."
"Well, looks like you're gonna have to pay a $500 fine."
"What for?" Mitch asked, puzzled.
The Game Warden nodded toward the frying pan full of fish "For poaching, of course!"
"Poaching?" said Mitch glancing first at the fish and then at the man " Officer, you don't know a lot about cooking, do you!"
February 4th, 2008  
A Can of Man
A ***** slappin' is in order.
February 4th, 2008  

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