Please help me

Please help me
December 21st, 2004  

Topic: Please help me

Please help me
Hi, I am new here, and was going through all the Cadence Songs you all have on here. I am looking for a certain one, that I remembered from years ago, and can only remember the first part, or what I think is the first part.....I know its a song thats wrong.. but never the less, would love to remember. Maybe you can't post it here cause it is so bad, but then again I have seen some pretty bad ones here . SO if anyone can remember, please let me know. Here is what I remember.....

My girls a vegetable, she lives in a hospital,
She has her own T.V., its called an E.K.G

She has no arms or legs

Thats all I can remember......If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Kris
December 21st, 2004  
My Girls a vegetable

She lives in a hospitel

And I'll give her any thing to keeep her alive


She's got her own TV.

Doc calls it an EKG.

And I will do anything.

To keep that girl alive.


Shes got no arms or legs.

All she has are hooks and pegs.

But I'll give her any thing to keep her alive.

Some days I play a joke.

I pull the plug.

and watch her choke.

But I would do anything to keep her alive.

That what yer lookin for?
December 21st, 2004  
She has no nose

Just a piece of rubber hose

And I would do anything to keep her alive.

Just had to add my own two cents.
Please help me
February 12th, 2009  

My girl ain't got no arms
(My girl ain't got no arms)
Just two stumpy maggot farms
(Just two stumpy maggot farms)
I would do anything
(I would do anything)
To keep her alive
(To keep her alive)