Please help me find out this movie name !!!

January 21st, 2020  

Topic: Please help me find out this movie name !!!

Hello everyone,

I made this account just now, in hoping you guys will help me in a matter.
So, around 10 years ago or even more, I saw a movie on TV about US soldiers in Afghanistan/Iraq or some similar landscape .
I do not remember any actor from it apart from just two scenes

One : at a moment in the movie, the group of soldier was taking cover in a trench/pit/dughole and they were fighting against talibans / terrorist, when they remained without ammo, made total silence to give the impression of being killed and drew out their knifes and daggers for close quarters combat, the enemy was marching towards them victoriously while shooting in the air , when they got near the trench they fought melee.

Second memory ( same movie ): I think there was a guy filming from mobile phone a group of 2-3 US soldiers dancing near a Humvee.

So, thats all I can provide, maybe someone knows this? I would be very glad to watch it again.