please help me - it is about Douglas Macarthur

June 10th, 2004  

Topic: please help me - it is about Douglas Macarthur

can someone explain to me how and why is Douglas Macarthur a hero and to whom?

if you can write more than 1 sentence that will be great...
I just trying to understand...
I have a lot of history about him
but I want to know why he is a hero

thank you
June 10th, 2004  
Well, if for no other reason, he was the most decorated American soldier of WWI.

If you want a brief biography of the man, I would recommend the following URL:
June 10th, 2004  
I read his bio(the full book), and its a great book.
July 4th, 2004  
He is the guy who occupied and ruled Japan that's mostly why he is viewed by many Americans as hero.

He did not do well in Korea War, got sacked after being too cocky to his boss I guess.