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November 7th, 2011  

Topic: Please Help - Boots

I bought these boots at a flea market for $10. I fell in love with them instantly and couldn't believe they fit. My fiance and I collect military items (every country) and I thought they would make a great addition the the collection. I only wear them on very special occasions because the man who sold them to me said they are from WWI. I haven't been able to find any like them or learn anything about them. I'm not interested in selling them, I just would like to know all I can about them and whether or not I should build a case to store them in instead of the closet shelf! Any information would be so great please! The picture adding thing didn't work (probably me), but you can view the pictures at the link below. Thank you so much!
November 12th, 2011  
They look a bit like M1931 Officers boots for mounted cavalry. Except 1931's had straps and were brown/russet in color.
November 13th, 2011  
The insides of these are dark brown, but the outside is black. I have no idea who owned them before me or if they blacked them out since I got them at a flea market...They didn't have straps when I bought them, just the leather things on the sides, one was missing.

Someone in another forum told me they think they are reproductions. Do you think so?

I won't be disappointed if they are, even if they don't qualify to end up in our military collection, they are still amazing all-leather boots for $10.
November 13th, 2011  
I think they are repo 1931's.
November 20th, 2011  
Reproductions from 1931? Wow...That is still pretty old....Wait, I think I misread...I'm a bit confused now. Is it okay to wear them around since they are reproductions or do they still have historical value of some kind?

I apologize for my ignorance...I've only taken an interest in collecting military things for the past 4 or 5 years and have no sources around here or anyone to talk to about what is authentic, where/when it came from, etc.
November 23rd, 2011  
Repo's of the M1931'S
December 1st, 2011  
Ok, I feel stupid, lol. We've collected quite a few things from flea markets and such as we've found them, but as I mentioned, no one we know knows anything about military things, so we just have a lot of things we're not entirely sure about. I have 2 coats, I think one is French and one is Russian, and my fiance has 3 or 4, most American, but one is Swiss, I believe. I also have a bayonet that is from Germany before the wall came down...But I can't remember if it was East or West and don't know how to find out. Again, sorry about my ignorance, I'm completely new to this. And thank you for your help! ^.^

Oh, and are there supposed to be pictures in your posts of the original boots? I can't see them if there are.
December 15th, 2011  
The soles of the boots in WW1 would have been basicaly made of leather. The soles on these ones look very modern to me. Also the toe looks very long, the British one would have been more rounded even for the officers
January 4th, 2012  
flea market is a good place.

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