Planned US base closures

May 15th, 2005  

Topic: Planned US base closures

Found this link listing all bases in the US that may close due to the Base Realignment and Closure process.
May 15th, 2005  
Too bad ellswoth AF base is being closed, and the Duluth MN ANG base, and Fort snelling in St Paul is being reduced
May 15th, 2005  
I know a lot of civilians that work on Otis. It sucks for them because they're out of the job. The soldiers will probly be relocated.

And the government is opening another base right outside of Boston. They're probly doing it i case of a ground attack on a boston building
May 16th, 2005  
That's a big list.

I wonder how many of the recommended will actually be closed.

It's almost pointless I think, because in the future, they'll probably have to either open those back up, or expand our exisiting facilities to make up for the less places available to house service members.