Planes collide at Radom Air Show in Poland, killing 2 pilots.

September 1st, 2007  
Venom PL

Topic: Planes collide at Radom Air Show in Poland, killing 2 pilots.

Two small planes collided during an acrobatic display at an air show in central Poland on Saturday, killing both pilots, authorities said.

Footage broadcast on TVN24 television showed the two small red planes slamming into each other and bursting into fragments at the Radom Air Show.

Both pilots died in the crash, Polish Air Force spokesman Maj. Wieslaw Grzegorzewski said.

There were no reports of injuries among those on the ground; the television footage showed the collision happening well away from the crowd.

Recovery efforts were under way, and all events planned for Sunday were canceled, Grzegorzewski said.

Damn I've just heard it on the news.

Two pilots were killed:

Piotr Banachowicz (age 24) and
Lech Marchelewski (age 62) - it supposed to be his last (farewell) flight and unfortunately it was.

Movies from this crash:,1,1,2,relacjetv.html,1519948.1,wiadomosc.html
September 1st, 2007  
A Can of Man
Terrible accident.
September 1st, 2007  

Topic: Two pilots die in Polish air show collision

Two pilots were killed performing aerial acrobatics at an air show in Poland when their aircraft collided head-on in front of thousands of spectators.

A Reuters photographer at the scene said the collision occurred after a three-plane formation fanned out and two of the aircraft slammed into each other as they attempted to re-converge.
The stricken planes plummeted towards a wooded area at the edge of the airfield near the south-central town of Radom.
Pilots from 15 different countries were taking part in the air show which was cancelled after the crash.
September 2nd, 2007  
Team Infidel
whow..... R.I.P.
September 2nd, 2007  
Team Infidel
that's insane...........
September 2nd, 2007  
Sad, sad, sad, what else can one say?
September 2nd, 2007  
WoW....... This looks bad
September 2nd, 2007  
too bad...RIP
September 2nd, 2007  
Reuters has it too

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