Pictures with stories to go with them

Pictures with stories to go with them
August 18th, 2008  

Topic: Pictures with stories to go with them

Pictures with stories to go with them
I'd like to share 3 pictures I took yesterday. I'll post the pictures and I'll tell you what they mean to me after the pictures. If you'd read it, I'd very much appreciate it. Then post your own. Keep the thread going. We all have something to share.

Yesterday morning was the first day in over 68 years the sun rises on faces that do not include my mom, Theresa Diane: The first light of the first day she is not with us – we lost mom Saturday. These were taken Sunday morning as I toasted mom with a cup of coffee.

Indeed, I often wonder if God dedicates the next sunrise to those who survive those that now bask in the purest of unfading light; thoughts of the physical plane that do not exist in the eternal plane. To watch the sun slowly illuminate the darkness of the world mimics a new day to those of us darkened in heart over the loss of a loved one.

Karen Carpenter of the band The Carpenters once sang to “Bless the beasts and the children, for the world can never be the world they see…”

That was mom. She saw the planet, the people, and all she ever looked at through a different set of glasses than most of us wear. The world was innocent to her through it all. In her sight, challenges broached impending victory and failures only prepared one for that victory. The rain wasn’t a cloudy sky; it was refreshment for all. Where we saw darkness, she anticipated the beauty that would carry the horizon forward to bless us with every color in the prism.

And, like this morning, I hope for a new day, a new world where more of us follow the path of selfless goodness that she laid before us to emulate.

Life is seashore. The waves both deposit new sediment as they wash the old away. That is today and yesterday. And yet, a precursor for tomorrow. We cannot know what tomorrow holds, but we can act today. Where tears abound now smiles of memories are being created for later. The salty water drips from my eyes, but as it flows to cascade down my face it also edifies new growth by emptying space for other than grief to occupy. It leaves just as much as it takes, though it is now in a different place.

Though waiting is all my heart can do now, like mom I can portend a beautiful future where her surrounding all of us as Heaven’s helper she guides us all to be better people, to love without limitation, to stay the hand of judgment, to love even those who do not love us.

There is hatred in sorrow, to be sure. The blame is easily displaced to some omnipotent figurehead that we turn our animosity towards.

But in truth, He dawns a new day for us that we are renewed and refreshed as the waning light suffers us but a period of darkness. We know that light follows the dark, that our paths are illuminated in a glow so bright and pure that to set eyes on it burns.

The above 3 pictures are the first sunrise my mom didn’t see in her earthly body. She died Saturday, and the Lord was kind and provided this magnificent display of His colors and wonder Sunday morning that I might remember the refresher that is the dawn – the breaking of light.

These pictures are for you, mom. You got to see this same sunrise as I did, though from a different perspective. I can’t help but to believe that God allowed you to cast such beauty on us, mimicking your spirit and love and compassion to those of us that now wait to see you again.

This sunrise is the first since your death. It is also the first of your new life. It is a first for all of us.

I love you. May you always see the sunrise from the perspective of our Father in Heaven. I will appreciate it as a frail being here on earth, and one day we’ll once again stand together, admiring the sunrise from an equal perspective. When is not mine to say. But when the time is right, we will once again embrace one another as we stare into the twilight and see all darkness fade to colors of glory.


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