Pics from Aero India 2005 - Page 2

April 9th, 2005  
Nice info raj
The Su-30 MKI is the most beautiful looking combat aircraft out there, isn't it ?
and its custom made ,culminating all the goodies out there into one awesome aircraft ( kind of a blonde with brains )
You missed the word "million" when you said "at a dirt cheap $23 a piece,"

April 9th, 2005  
Thanks for the info. Had read bout the possibility of IAF getting the Phalcon system, but wasnt sure whether this was actually happening. Nice i didnt know the russians had developed an AEW system for a helicopter.

Which of the indian planes are able to lauch the brahmos?
April 13th, 2005  
some more pictures...

^ SB-035 (C/N 10MK2209?) prepares to taxi out. No.30 squadron has a surprising number of younger pilots despite the Su-30MKI being on the highest end of the IAF spectrum.

^The Hawk puts on an impressive show of loops and rolls, carried out
at relatively good speed. This one has always been one of the crowd's favorites. The Indian Navy may also acquire a small number of Hawks.

^ IN-565 climbs to high altitude and flies off. The helicopter will return later with it's Vega E-801M 'Oko' radar deployed. Existing radars on the Ka-25s and Ka-28s may eventually be replaced by the LRDE SV-2000, for which, HAL is proposing an upgrade.

^The Ka-31 displays it's vertically polarized antenna array in the deployed position. The capabilities and detection range of this radar have deeply impressed the Navy.

^SB-040 and SB-035 refuel in preparation for the next round of sorties. One may have noted the removal of the RWR and IFF aerials from the tailfin. The Tarang RWR's forward looking antennae are now housed in the leading edge while the aft facing antennae are in the ledge corners of the tail sting. The aircraft carries both internal and external Sellf-Protection-Jammers (SPJs), of the Elta EL/L-8222 type.

^Another An-32, K-2689, makes a swift climb towards the heavens. The smokiness of the powerful Ivchenykyov AI-20D engines is easily notable.

^At least one Su-30MKI and one Su-30K participated in joint exercise 'SINDEX' with the RSAF at Gwalior. Having noted the one-sided result of Cope India, the Singaporeans did their homework and came fully prepared. The result was a more balanced outcome, although one Russian magazine had noted that the F-16 was totally outclassed by the Flanker.
October 6th, 2008  
the 100% indian plane "TEJAS"
INDIA is also working on projects like MCA & F-22 equivalent PAK-FA (jointly with russia),thes projects are pacing fast.(may join IAF by 2012)
July 5th, 2010  
i think the swedish gripen would be the best choice for iaf ..
July 5th, 2010  
Originally Posted by debaduttabarik7
i think the swedish gripen would be the best choice for iaf ..
oooooo noooo the MRCA ..... Someone needs to makeup their mind and buy something
July 28th, 2010