Philippines Army, Navy & Marine Modification Weapon Equipment

June 6th, 2006  

Topic: Philippines Army, Navy & Marine Modification Weapon Equipment

Interesting to see the ingenuity of the Filipinos

Save Cost!!! and Creative

Guntub In Truck
June 6th, 2006  
Philipines Marine Corps RPG Cage

V150 PC (Philipine Contabulary Hill)

V150 PC Improvement Program (11/2/2006)

The Marines are taking cupolas from retired V100s and grafting them onto the rear hatch of V150s

40mm Bofors MK3

carriages built locally form guns taken from decommissioned PN Ships. The Guns themselves were refurbished prior to mounting onto the gun carriages.

Test Firing

June 6th, 2006  
Philippine Marines Gun Trucks

Unlike the first gun truck manufactured by the Corps, armor for these newer gun trucks are new and did not come from retired LVT5s

The 1st Marine Brigade has completed the first of its authorized gun trucks. Another one is in the process of being modified. The design varies from the regular gun truck pattern and is more reminiscent of the WW2 German halftracks.



Except from the 3MBDE after action report para 7

"HARDENED M35 TRUCK SAVED MARINE LIVES: During the ambush, personnel on board the hardened M-35 truck suffered only two (2) slightly WIAs. The protective armor of the truck enabled the troops to engage and aggressively counterfire the enemy."

Look closely and you will notice the penetration holes on the armor. Most of these were stopped by the second layer of armor plate which contributed to the ineffectiveness of enemy fire and the low casualty rate.

June 6th, 2006  
kalakian MX-1

The Kalakian (=Water Buffalo) APC is a locally built armored vehicle, 20 of which have been ordered from the manufacturer by the Philippine Army. It is armed with one 40mm AGL, one 7.62mm mg and one .50 cal mg. It is roughly based on the Simba armored vehicle but is dimensionally larger and incorporates some changes to reflect the army's experience with the Simba (ie, heavier firepower and a different turret. Due to its small size, the .50 cal Simba turret was limited in the amount of firepower it could be adapted to carry, larger doors on both sides - the Simba has a door on only one side)

Simba APC

Pictures of Army Simba APCs taken in the area around Pikit, North Cotabato during Army operations against MILF rebels in May 2003. The first picture below shows one of the few Army Simbas armed with the 25mm Chain gun. The bottom picture shows the more common .50 cal armed Simba. Note the rolls of concertina wire by the road. Many thanks to Anonymous for the contributions.

UAV Plane Launched By Army

SPY PLANE -An unmanned aerial vehicle prepares for take off, guided by a radio control operator at Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija, 01 Feb 02. The Army unveiled the first locally assembled aerial spy drones for use in short-range, real time imagery surveillance against the Abu Sayyaf fighters in Basilan and Sulu.

SURVEILLANCE PLANE - Philippine Army spokesman Lt. Col Jose Mabanta points to a hole in the belly of a remote-controlled surveillance plane which houses a camera lens.

Tank and a half. A turret taken from a British-made Scorpion light tank is mated on a US-made M-113 armored personell carrier.
June 8th, 2006  
WOW! the Filipinos really know how to improvise.
August 28th, 2008  
the marines are doing a good job. i have been dreaming for smarter ways to improvise our outdated equipments. i think the military should hire mechanical nuts w/ crazy ideas to improvise our world war 2 equipments.

the army is very stagnant . so left behind by the ingenuity of the marines.

i think they should catch up since most of the philippine casualties come from the army.

the milf and the npa are very "adjustible adversaries. and so should our philippine military. it should change for the better. create our own armanents using local suppliers for cost considerations. purchase tanks that is bazooka / rpg resistant.

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