Philippine, Marine pilots integrate during Talon Vision

October 29th, 2007  

Topic: Philippine, Marine pilots integrate during Talon Vision

Philippine, Marine pilots integrate during Talon Vision
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2007102823711CLARK AIR BASE, Republic of the Phillipines(Oct. 27, 2007) -- The skies over the Philippines were an open forum for the exchange of ideas Oct. 24th as Philippine Air Force and Marine pilots executed their skills in basic fighter maneuvers.

The dog fight, as it is often called, involved Marine pilots from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312 and pilots from the Philippine Air Force's 5th tactical fighter group, 7th tactical fighter squadron.

The training was part of exercise Talon Vision 08, an annual bi-lateral exercise led by Marine Aircraft Group-36. One of the main objectives of the exercise is to enhance the cooperative abilities of U.S. and Philippine forces to promote peace and stability in the region.

The Marines, piloting their FA-18 Hornets, flew a mock combat engagement with the Philippine pilots who flew the Aermacchi S-211 military trainer jet. The training involved two Marines pilots facing off against two PAF pilots.

The pilots used the training scenario to evaluate their aircraft and their own piloting skills.

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October 31st, 2007  

Topic: Philippine question

Would the US Government ever sell or give ex-US Marine Hornets like A/B models to the Philippines? I guess a better start question would be do the US Marines have older Hornets in reserve or even retired frames that could be flyable? Maybe we could get a base back? It's more common to read about ex-Vipers being sold but not Hornets I'm sure the US Navy and US Marines must retired these fighters too at some point right?

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