Phase 1 training(British Army)

September 27th, 2004  

Topic: Phase 1 training(British Army)

Hi!!I'm 1 month from joining the army,starting basic on the 25th october...
i know it seems a long time to go,but when i think of it i do get a bit excited,but also quite nervous!i was wondering if anybody could tell me what the first days are like?i think i'm reasonably fit...are there a lot of "beastings" from the start??
thanks for any info!!
September 29th, 2004  
Troop Rupert
As nobody else seems to want to post you a reply, I will.

Ijoined the Army over ten years ago, so my experience/advice may seem a little dated, so take it or leave it, mate;

You'll get beasted from the off (especially if youy mention Reggae as one of your interests! )

However, bullying is out theses days, so don't worry about that.

All you really need to get you through is a sense of humour. Expect to get messed about from a***holes to breakfast time, and you won't have any nasty surprises.
Good luck!
September 29th, 2004  
Thanks a lot,mate!!
I'll keep a low profile and give it 100%!! 8)
was just at the AFCO...sign contract on 12th!!
can't wait!!!