Petrol Crisis in Iran - Pictures - Page 2

Petrol Crisis in Iran - Pictures
June 29th, 2007  
Petrol Crisis in Iran - Pictures
Originally Posted by phoenix80
exactly. Instead of building some oil refineries, they insist on having nuclear power plants and one wonders why.
Letting Iran have Nuclear power is no threat, and its a better option for the environment than burning oil. Cold water reactors for power cannot be used in nuclear weapons, but Iran refuses to adopt the technology. That signals an obvious sign that it isn't really interested in a power source but a weapons program.

The problem is that doing nuclear enrichment for power is a very different process than doing military a military program, so far what the IAEA has found resembles a military program not civilian research.
June 29th, 2007  
Originally Posted by mmarsh
A rather rare instance that the Mullahs and the west agree on something.

A shortage of oil refineries.
We've got one going up right here in South Dakota...

In ten years, since that's about how long it will take to hear, ignore, dismiss and ***** slap all the environmentalists who will say that building this refinery will create excess carbon (plant some f***ing trees you stupid twats, that's what I say to the environmentalists) and somehow the 1,700 jobs a new refinery could create would be bad for the development of the area.
July 1st, 2007  
Hugo Chavez is going to give Iran free gas to help. Of course, one communist help a terrorist. All of them are scumbags....

Hopefully the youth of Iran will overthrow the scum in their nation.
Petrol Crisis in Iran - Pictures

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