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January 4th, 2005  
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Amazing paralell with the 9/11 attacks, don't you think? Osama and terrorists in general think they are going get the USA to do or not do what they wish by attacks of that sort. That also didn't work out so well for them. Two nations that were safe ground for terrorists on one level or another with -- Afganistan and Iraq -- are somewhat limited as terrorist bases of opperations now.
that is ineteresting... u are right there are some simularities. but not just this 2 situations, remember I world war and Lusitania.
US knew all the Japanese secret codes, they were able to listen Japanese radio traffic since december 1939. therefore they had some knowedge about atack that has been prepared. how can u explain the fact that not a single carrier was in Pearl harbor. american public was not ready to go in another big war, so something had to happen to mobilize it. US economy needed it to.

btw terorists did not have any bases in iraq.
January 5th, 2005  

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But yet it was proved wrong. USA didn't realise how advanced air warfare was at the time.
Yeah Billy Mitchell was way off base when he proved Aircraft could sink battleships.
Actually while it was a good PR stunt it proved nothing.
The battleship sunk was stationary, defenceless, and had no damage control crews on board.
In truth anything could have sunk a battleship under those conditions.
The one thing it didn't prove was that a battleship could be sunk by aircraft under actual battle conditions.
The US Naval Staff ( and others) dismissed the event as a simple publicity stunt.
And that Marine Captain named Elliot (who wrote Plan Orange the US Pacific war plan) was full of it when he said Pearl Harbor would be attacked.
Quite simply, the US military didn't consider the Japanese had the capacity to launch an attack like this in 1941, and they were almost right, the attack was at the limit of their logistical capabilities.
January 6th, 2005  

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Pearl harbour, all i was saying is the USA didn't think they could get attacked due to the oceans in the way so yes they were unprepared just like most the world was for WW2
January 7th, 2005  
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Why did the Japanese attack US Pearl harbour?? what trigged it??
That is the topic to be discussed in this thead. All off topic posts have been deleted. If you want to talk about what country achieved the most, start a new thread

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