PC Call of Duty: United offensive

October 8th, 2004  

Topic: PC Call of Duty: United offensive

Do any people here play the WWII PC game Call of Duty and/or the expansion pack United Offensive? this is a truely awsome game I recommend it, and I play it online and im in a clan.
November 18th, 2004  
I recomend it too.

Awsome game! Best WWII game out there, if not best action shooter.

Great play. First game I've seen that uses iron sites for true aiming instead cross hairs or dots.

Pretty good modelling of weapons too, each has a different feel to it.
November 20th, 2004  
yeah i love that game.the realism mod for search and destroy is nice and i also like the fact that the servers can hold up to 64 people.
November 26th, 2004  
I love it.

Play it lots online!

Look for (this) screen name online! rowr!