patriotic poem

December 2nd, 2004  

Topic: patriotic poem


Someone pronounced a sentence on our city with a 747

and then punctuated it with another one some 30 minutes later.

Exclamation !

What did they say ?

Exclamation !

Were you there that day ?

Exclamation !

Did you get away ?

Glory be to God for every soul that was saved.


I'm proud to say that those firemen ran inside to help out on that day .

Exclamation .

And , oh by the way ,
You may owe your lives to those passengers who knew they didn't know
how to fly .

Exclamation !

It's no time to play


There wasn't a war till planes started falling out of the skies.


A trip to paradise they claim

Gives them the right to blow you away.

Helping those Jews makes you a target they say

No Explanation !

Can explain this evil away.


Every nation on earth lives here today

Every language ever spoken can be heard every day .

In our nation !

We prefer it that way

Showing to the world they can live in peace in this way


There's no place to hide

The answer you give has to come from inside.

What is the response for attacks of this kind ?

Exclamation !

If the earth quakes because we agree

If the earth shakes for the actions we take

It's no complaint.

It's an Exclamation !