Which part of the USA Nuclear Triad was More Effective? - Page 2

View Poll Results :What was the most effective part of the Nuclear Triad that protected the United States during the Fo
Strategic Bomber Force 0 0%
Land Based Missiles 0 0%
Sea Launched Missiles 8 72.73%
They werent needed: Our regular forces ensured the peace. 0 0%
All were needed: All were equal in effectiveness 3 27.27%
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December 3rd, 2004  
Why no love for our nuke cannons? I remember hearing about this, we had like one giant artillery gun in Turkey that we kept movign around and it supposedly caused a lot of headaches for the Soviets because it could set up in a matter of hours and hit many cities or punch a hole in the Russian lines. I think it was called Davy Crocket or Daniel Boone, something like that, or those could have been the "mortar" nukes they are talking about.