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November 15th, 2004  
Originally Posted by silent driller
Originally Posted by drilldownmaster2004
They cannot stop you in 4 years so just wait
Precisely. When you're 18, you can join whether they like it or not. But be careful. You don't want to sever ties with your family. I've seen it happen.
Even if that happens it will eventually go away
November 16th, 2004  
Buddy, I reckon your thinking too much about this too early in your life. Right now you shouldn't worry about these kind of things. You'll find that as life goes on you'll find the right time to bring it up, but now is not the time.

It's good to have a dream, but hey.
November 16th, 2004  
yeah, learn to drive, drink (note: do these separately!!) and how to party (dancing goes down very well with the ladies)
but yeah, once ur 18, ur legally an adult and there is nothing they can do to stop you
November 22nd, 2004  
If you are really worried about what your parents think and you really want to convince them, then I think they did a good job raising you. When you turn 18, I think you will have what it takes to make the right decision for yourself and pursue your dreams.