Paratrooper Boot Lacing

November 19th, 2013  

Topic: Paratrooper Boot Lacing

This particular way of lacing boots also used by US Paratroopers in WW2, MACV SOG/USN SEALs in during the Vietnam War, Gulf War intended to provide ankle support. Paracord is also used as its said to be more comfortable as well as durable.

To all paracord wristband wearers:
November 19th, 2013  
They should just use velcro!!
February 23rd, 2014  
When I was in the airborne we laced our boots so the laces went straight across, the reason for this was that the boot could easily be cut off. All you had to do was run a knife up the front of the boot and it would then just fall off. The laces on ours were made of leather.

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