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Paranormal, what you think??
December 1st, 2004  
Paranormal, what you think??
I personally didn't have any experience, but my ex-gf did experience it. We lived together for about two years, and one morning she woke up and told me she had a very strange dream. She used to have a pet called "Black Fur", it's a bird, and she left it in Taiwan with her parents when she moved here. That morning, she woke up and told me that she dreamt and saw Black Fur falling and seemed very cold. Then later that night, her parents called and told her that Black Fur had died from falling when it was sitting inside the birdcage (too old problably). I got goosebumps from that!
December 1st, 2004  
I just thought of another paranormal experience. Assuming I believed in it then you could call it an experience I guess

But anyway, I got a call from my dad one day saying that my aunt had cancer. I didn't realize how serious it was until he called back a few days later saying I should talk to her really soon because no one knows how long she has. I ended up calling her and talking to her for a bit. A few days later my dad called me back saying she had passed away. That night before I went to bed I could smell cigarette smoke in my room. No one here smokes, but my aunt did, which is probably why she got cancer. But it was kind of freaky for me, I'm thinking it was probably a mind trick of some sort though.
December 2nd, 2004  
my father does night work and one night they were passing through this town when they seen a man running down the road so they stopped to give him a lift, when he got to the car and looked in he had a look of shock on his face and he was so white that the 5 grown men in the van got such a fright they were lost for words so they sped away quickly

afterwords daddy enquired about who he could have been when he read in the paper a man, fitting this guys description, had been instantly killed in a car crash around the time they seen this guy......... spooky or what!
Paranormal, what you think??
December 2nd, 2004  

Topic: black cat

I used to have a black cat called mordred, he was a moggy and so loving, my favorite lil boy. When he was 12 we found out he had cancer, got put down 2 weeks after as he was in so much pain.

Well a week after i was asleep in my pit on ship, i felt like i couldn't move my feet, so i opened my eyes and looked at end of bed, screamed and jump out of bed waking every one up!

We turned lights on and there was a perfect inprint of a kind of circule with bits of black fur on it. I still think that was my lil boy saying hi to me. But did he have to scare the living crap out of me!!!
December 30th, 2004  
Jason Bourne
Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Alien trying to suck out my brains, whatever it may be, my trusty DESERT EAGLE WILL STOP HIM.
December 31st, 2004  
My beleife in the Paranormal started when I was about 4

When we lived at Canberra, we had a two story house, me, my brother, mum and dad lived upstairs, and my Nana lived downstairs. Now one morning I went downstairs to get a second helping of brewakfast from Nana, and found she wasn't in the kitchen. I told my dad, and dad went into the room and found her dead, though he told me otherwise.
Anyway my mum was 9 months pregnant by now with my sister, and she was born the very next day.
The freaky part was both my sister and Nana had similar personalites.

When the whole story was explained to me when I was 10, I became convinced that there was something stange going on.
January 10th, 2005  

Topic: work it out???

I mean each to their own with opinions and I say you shouldn't disrespect something you can't see! lol you might get clouted round the head lol

See beardo, when you go through marine basic and leave for your bases, your find RM bases spooky believe me lol

Believe in what you want. I went on a paranormal investigation once with a medium who is a close family friend. Anyways I stood there gobbing off how it was a load of rubbish, then i got pushed really hard across room. Question is, who pushed me cus no one was behind me. And I didn't trip................