Parachute Infantry by David K. Webster

January 23rd, 2005  

Topic: Parachute Infantry by David K. Webster

David Webster was a member of Easy Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Regiment in WWII. The group that has had their story told in the book Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose and the miniseries of the same name. Ambrose's book draws lots of source material from Webster's diaries, and this book is of his entire experience.

First of all Webster is a wonderful writer - it is a shame he died young and only wrote one other book - the book is as smooth as silk. He is a natural story teller, with wonderful use of details.

I think anyone who has read Band of Brothers should also read this book - it offers a bit of a different perspective. Ambrose tends to lionize the group, while I think Webster presents a more realistic perspective. He doesn't gloss over problems he has with commanders and just the way the army is run.

The section containing letters that Webster wrote and received at the end of the book is one of the best. He tells stories and offers advice and admonishment to his friends and family. All in all this book is a very interesting perspective on the war.

I rate this book 8.5/10 - if you've read Band of Brothers you should read this, you'll recognize many of the situations and quotes that Ambrose used here.
January 9th, 2008  
I read the book and completely agree with you. A fine edition to my growing collection.
January 10th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Should take a look at it then.