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August 1st, 2004  
I've heard ok things about it. Have you ever checked this site out?
August 2nd, 2004  
actually PBReview was a good idea but the reviews are mostly biased towards the gun in question. Im a member of over 20 paintball forums and find the forums to be a better review for equipment since there are open forums on the discussion of the good and bad of all types of gear. Of all the markers I've owned my faves are my current Cobra Mamba IR3 and my Spyder AMG LCD. This is coming from a person who as owned angels, cockers, mags, spyders, brass eagles, viewloaders, pirahnas, bushmasters, and the relative ease of owning a spyder and the abitlty to upgrade them are great. The angel has the bells and whistles but I do have to say that COPS2 isnt the best design so putting an eye on it is the next step. Thats why the new angels have Eyez instead of COPS. The technology in this sport is an eye opener. Even though tactical to practical had a show on it....paintball was civilian before it was military.
August 2nd, 2004  
I used to moderate at, back in '99, when it was a small site
August 15th, 2004  
Keist IV
Been to a couple of rental places which were a blast. Mostly though in Wisconsin, the trouble making mischievous :P people with paintball guns add more spots to the cows in the fields. Colored spots that is.
November 4th, 2004  
i play all the time, woodsball renegade style. i just have a basic marker, spyder aggressor, works great for me. love paintball.
December 3rd, 2004  
June 13th, 2005  
i use to paintball all the time @ SC village in southern california. i had some friends on a few different teams so they started taking me! word of advice to new players.....dont play against a pro team!!!! and girls 2 words chest protector cuz....OUCH! lol. its fun times though for sure! fun too watch too. NPPL LA was the most fun. my 2 teams won woo! haha soo long ago. when there was still warped kids, and non of this city named team stuff. wierdos. lol.

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June 15th, 2005  
spec ops paintball has a pretty neat little setup for all the scenario players. They give rank according to length of time played at time of signup and points later on for each day of play whether you did good or bad. PM me if you'd like the link. If I post it here I believe it'd be percieved as spam. They have even created a scenario paintball league. It has some tweaking they could do but overall its a good step for scenario ballers.