November 29th, 2017  

Topic: P90-ES

Let me start out with the discussion of a battery assault. Literally a battery projectile composed of a lead casing and sulfuric acid inside the hollow bullet with a coil around the bullet and the butt of the bullet consisted of a neodymium magnet. The gun will be constructed of a black martial called silicon bicarbonate. The gun will be built similar to how a computer mother board is built. Electrochemical induction.

The layers of the gun would be Silicon bicarbonate with flat wires of zinc, nickle, aluminium. The ignition source instead of gun powder it is consisted of a magnetic push of similar polarities as you know North and North repeals.

The barrel of the gun will consist of two bands of electrical conductive copper connected in a Direct Current providing a electrical field acting as a suppressor. When the magnetic butt of the bullet gets pushed by a spring load projection of a another magnet it will pass the electrical field create by the suppressor as when it passes thru it increase it's traversal rate of firing immense amount. Think of a rail gun.

A magnetic polarity causes the round to vibrate uncontrollably than when a similar polarity pushes it like how a turbine from a pushing out fuel.

The clip of the gun will consist of diodes for each bullet in the clip. The circuitry of the gun will transfer electrical generation from the battery to power the electrical construction of the gun.

The torus will consist of a conductor with a magnetic sphere inside of it that will be pulled by a rotating rotor consisted of electromagnetism. This will act as a transformer to amplify the current.

Here is a crude distribution of the gun.

OH yah when the bullet fires than impacts with a metal service it will


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