Our mod for Napoleonic fans! Get it!

September 8th, 2005  

Topic: Our mod for Napoleonic fans! Get it!

Hello everyone,

Iím assuming that there are some Napoleonic warfare fans here? Thatís why I am here to spread the word about a certain free mod called European Warfare Napoleonica (EW)Öit goes to the PC game ďAmerican Conquest/Fight BackĒ. We donít make any money of the sale of the game and the EW mod is freeÖwe just want people to know about it and play it with us!

Itís for people who love to see troops moving and fighting in real-time panoramic glory on the field. Here are some shots taken from actual engagements that our club, the Hawks, have fought recently. One of our members, Gexozoid, developed this mod, all original troops and gaming parameters with lots of historical input from our members. Come check us out, load the mod for free (after getting Fight Back somewhere) and join us on the field! Thanks for you timeÖ


October 3rd, 2005  
Its cool I have both American Conquest and Fight Back!