Opinions sought on women in the military

October 23rd, 2010  

Topic: Opinions sought on women in the military

As part of a group, I am currently working on a senior thesis for my degree which proposes that
'Women in the 21st century have been presented with a standard of perfection in the workplace that is unobtainable.'

We are looking at numerous industries and one of my focuses is the military. It would be splendid if I could get some feedback on the following questions to assist on determining the validity or the inaccuracy of the thesis as applied to the military.

1/ Obviously, the first question is whether you think this is true of the military? Is the highest level of standard/achievement plausible for women in the military?

2/ Why/why not?

3/ Personally, what would you consider the 'perfect' accomplishment/level of achievement of your military career?

4/ In general, what do you think society believes to be the 'perfect military female'?

5/ What was your motivation to join the military?

6/ What do you think the stereotypical image of a woman in the military is both here in the US and abroad?

7/ What do you think the stereotypical image of a civilian woman is both here in the US and abroad?

8/ What effects or impacts (positive or negative) do these stereotypes have for military personnel?

9/ What are the most noticeable/detrimental inequalities between the sexes serving in the military?

10/ Do you have, or know anyone that has children, and if so, how has it affected your/there military experience?

11/ What do you think needs to be changed, and how could it be accomplished?

If you are interested, respond here or email your opinions to

Thank you, your assistance is much appreciated, as is your contribution to our great country.

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