Operation begins to take down 'Chechen bin Laden'

June 18th, 2010  

Topic: Operation begins to take down 'Chechen bin Laden'

In Chechnya, the biggest special operation of the 21st century has began

On the evening of June 18th, in Chechnya, began a special operation to arrest the leader of the separatists, the so-called "Commander of the South-Western Front", the so-called "Emir of the Caucasus", but in fact a commonplace criminal and scum murderer, Doku Umarov.The operation is, actually, "to arrest" rather than "destroy". As stated to MK by one of the heads of the operation, "When we kill them, they become marturs. But this one will sit, give evidence, and beg for mercy ..."Our security services have tried twice already to detain or destroy Doku Umarov. Both times Umarov had managed to get away. The current operation, according to its organizers, promises real results.More latest details in the morning.


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