December 2nd, 2005  

Topic: Oops

Employees of an Indian relay station are facing prosecution after they transmitted pornographic material from a “Russian TV channel” instead of a local DD-1 English-language news program, prompting residents to stage street demonstrations last week, Press Trust of India reported.

“Prima facie probe confirms negligence on the part of the relay station staff in transmitting pornographic material of a Russian TV channel instead of DD-1 on Nov. 4,” Doordarshan regional manager Man Singh Verma said.

Statements by staff members were being recorded and punitive action will be taken against those responsible for the mix up, Verma said, after returning from an inspection of the Kailaras relay station.

Residents of the town were taken aback when pornographic material was telecast instead of English-speaking news at 8:00 pm on DD-1 for several minutes. The paper did not clarify, however, what kind of material was shown.