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July 26th, 2005  
Whispering Death
Originally Posted by 82ndMechanic
Ask him about the three different phases.

Ask him about the blueberry pancakes.
You know, that's so vague it's killing me to know what about three different phases and what the hell do the army rangers have to do with blueberry pancakes?
July 26th, 2005  
mmm pancakes!!
yeah what do they do?
July 26th, 2005  
As for the pancakes, it really wouldn't be helpful to anyone to answer your question about the pancakes. This is a question often used to trip pretenders up, as simple as it is. Some things, you'll just have to experience to know.

Your best bet is to ask for a copy of his DD-214 with all of his PERSEC information but his name blacked out. If he is unwilling to send that, as I would be for paint ball:

Ask him the standard questions .. what batt and when.

Ask him where RIP was conducted.

Ask him what his Ranger Class number is.

Ask him who the Regt CSM and CO were.

Don't bother coining him - you won't know how to tell the difference between a Regt. issued coin and a vendor coin anyway.

If he doesn't answer your questions - then chances are, he's not a Ranger.

Report back with your replies, and I can give you a quick yay or nay.

If he doesn't answer your questions - I'd say go with your gut feeling and tag him a pretender. You can PM me his name if he doesn't, and I'll throw it out in the community - it's pretty small, and if someone isn't known to you, you'll certainly know someone that does know them. I won't call RTB for confirmation based on paint ball, however.