One Swedish and Two US Soldiers killed in Afhanistan

October 17th, 2010  

Topic: One Swedish and Two US Soldiers killed in Afhanistan

Bomb attacks have killed two US-led service members in Afghanistan, bringing the death toll of US-led soldiers in the war-torn country close to 600 so far this year.

A Swedish soldier lost his life in northern Afghanistan and two other Swedish nationals were wounded Saturday when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb, AFP reported on Sunday.

In a separate incident in southern Afghanistan, a soldier was killed "following an
improvised explosive device attack," NATO's International Security
Assistance Force (ISAF) said.

The ISAF gave no more details of the nationality of the soldier.

Swedish soldier killed in Afghanistan

National News | 2010-10-16
(Updated 2) Swedish soldier Kenneth Wallin was killed in combat in Afghanistan on Saturday. The attack took place just a few kilometres from the place where two Swedish officers was shot to death in February this year.

22-year-old Kenneth Wallin, who came to Afghanistan in May, lived in the Stockholm area and was military trained at the infantry regement I19 in Boden. He would have returned to Sweden in December but became the fifth Swedish soldier killed in combat in Afghanistan.

October 17th, 2010  
A Can of Man
Rest in Peace.
October 17th, 2010  
Our thoughts and prayers with loved ones
October 17th, 2010  
22 years old... damn it. That's so depressing.
May he rest in peace.
October 17th, 2010  
Sad news We often forget that there is a war going on over there

Most didnt have much time to enjoy life... We are asking them to defend a world they barely had time to know and understand...

Depressing indeed... Rest in peace.