Which one is Mig-21 of 21st century?

View Poll Results :Which one would be the best seller of 21st century?
Su-27 4 66.67%
J-10 1 16.67%
F-35!!!!!!!! 1 16.67%
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January 21st, 2007  

Topic: Which one is Mig-21 of 21st century?

Mig-21 was one of the best seller of 20th century.
You can see so many Mig-21s in so many countries.
And now,I saw chinese J-10.
I told my friend that
"J-10 may be Mig-21 of 21st century."
But my friend told me that
"It can be,Chinese products are sold all over the world as your clothes・・・・But Su-27 has a better commercial achievement in many countries."
J-10 or Su-27,do you think which one would be the best seller?
January 21st, 2007  
major liability
Probably Su-27. It's already got a reputation, it's been sold to several countries in large quantities, and it's just a damn good aircraft.
January 22nd, 2007  
The J-10. J-10 has a single engine and less heavier than the Su-27 making it very agile. This is not about which aircraft is more capable, in assumption the Su-27 can outperform the J-10 in terms of Maximum Speed and Operation Range. The Mig-21 is built as a Multi-role interceptor, very much like the J-10 which both of the J-10 and Mig-21 can be produced at a lesser cost than the Su-27.

In terms of best seller, Su-27 has a history of reputable sales. J-10 is a very new fighter that has been recently entered the export market for Pakistan and other third world nations might consider as an alternative for a low-priced advanced fighter. The FC-1 Fighter is also another eye catcher for an alternative to the F-5. However time will tell.



SU-27 Flanker
January 23rd, 2007  
none of the above....
January 23rd, 2007  
Well if the Jian-10 is made in China then it'll probably break down within a year just like every other product made in China.

I see the Su-27 as the bang for your buck. It's an excellent jet with nice equipment. The F-35, however, is what you'd buy if you had premium dollars. It's the culmination of the best Western aerospace engineering minds into one project.
January 23rd, 2007  
Actually AstralDragon the Su-27 had many incidents and reports of fatal breakdowns, quality problems, and malfunctions. J-10 if I'd remember had only one fatal accident during Prototype stage and is manufactured in lesser numbers. The only way you can decide the quality of the aircraft is to record the number of flights of both fighters and decide the percentage of defective parts of the aircraft. However most failures exist due to poor maintenance and not the quality of the aircraft itself. And even if the J-10 is a defective piece of machine, I doubt it will be in service in the PLAAF or the PAF (Pakistani Air Force).
January 23rd, 2007  
The SU-27 is sort of old now. Its been in Service since 1984 while the Jian-10 has yet to prove itself and F-35 are not yet in service.

Frankly I have some doubts about the effectiveness of the F-35 in the pure 'fighter' role. I just think the French Rafael, the Eurofighter Typhoon II, the JAS-39 Gripen, and perhaps the newest 5-gen eration Russian jets like the MFI would best it in the fighter role. The F-35 IMHO excels as a jack-of-all trades/Master of none. The USAF F/A-22 strikes me as the superior interceptor above all else...

Personally I am going to say the French Rafael overall. Here's why:

1. Like the F-16, its considered a true 'omni' aircraft. meaning it can switch between AA and AG in the air and can do each role equally well. Whereas most multi-role aircraft tend to favor one over the other.

2. Its virtually identical to the Eurofighter except that can operate from carriers while the Eurofighter cannot. Other than that, they are very similar.

3. In AG mode, Its bomb load is larger than the F/A-18 and F-35 although still inferior to the F-15E. It is also not as stealthy as the F-35, although the newest Rafale-D has improved this.

4. It is much faster, more manueverable, has a higher ceiling and a longer range than either the F/A-18 or F-35, but it is inferior to the F-22 in AtA. The F-22 is the best 'pure interceptor'.

5. The F-35 beats the Rafale in Avionics, Stealth, and cost.
January 23rd, 2007  
major liability
How about the F-16? You know it's cheaper than the JSF.
January 23rd, 2007  
The JSF is the replacement for the F-16. The JSF is more expensive than the F-16, but the F-16 (and F-15) are 30 year old design. Time for them to retire.
January 24th, 2007  
A Can of Man
The F-16 won't retire for a while in many countries.

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