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March 5th, 2008  
Right back to the article in question...
It is titled "More Demands from Islam", can anyone using examples from the article state what these demands were?

One of the reasons I believe that this nothing more than an attempt at stirring people up is that at no point does he state what these demands are nor does he explain what he wants to see happen other than apparently the Saudi's should "go back to living in the desert where they belong". essentially had it been titled "Rant about Islam" or "Comedic shots at Saudi Arabia" it would have been a little more accurate.
March 5th, 2008  
Del Boy
THE ARTICLE IN QUESTION> ref last post(21)

OK. Before responding to this question, can I ask whether you have by now viewed the video from start to finish?

Hello, obviously not.

I would ask everyone to take a look at it.

It is the most calm, careful, reasonable, and honest appraisal of the current situation and folk would dp well to remember it.

It could not possibly be titled "Rant about Islam" as suggested, because it is in NO way a rant. Instead it a nicely presented, fair representation of the views of Brits on the street, quietly told.

It could not possibly be entitled "Comedic shots at Saudi Arabia" because it is not funny, the guy obviously is sincere.

Furthermore, If it had been entitled either of these above, the video would certainly have attracted much greater interest, which negates the suggestion that this is an 'attempt at stirring people up', whatever that means, as they are already stirred up, believe me.

He is honest and truthful and reflects the general response the Islamists have earned for themselves.

Anyone viewing the video can see that the author does , in fact, desrcribe some of these demands, which should not be dismissed as small fry as they are important creeping political impositions - seperation at every possible level.

If a list of further such demands is called for, it can be provided by me, as long as I am not then accused of 'bleating on'! As an example, the mosque in East London (Olympic site, on the old soccer pitches) which the Saudi's wish to build (please can we build a christian cathedral in Saudi -or Arabia, might be a good question) is to hold 70,000. Why?? To create the biggest extemist magnet in the world I suggest.

This is a man happily taking an opportunity to get off his chest how we feel here, but for many reasons are rendered impotent to affect. Again, anyone wanting a list of such can get it from me, posted here, subject to the above condition.

Immediately someone stands up to be counted you can see what happens - he is branded, at least by inference, a racist, a ranter, a bigot or an activist. This video represents none of these. And BTW - neither do I. I do not know the author, but the views he expresses are not extremist at all.

It is an intelligent, sound example of mind-speaking and straight -talking. Both of which make for great unpopularity.

So, if in fact you have indeed viewed the video in full, and are still making the same comments, then think again, or raise specific points in the video content which you wish to challenge.

( If anyone wishes to criticize the style of this (my) post here , kindly first ensure that you have actually read what I have said so that you are clear on the content and presentation. Thank you.)

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