OMAN. Vol 2 of The Armed Forces of the Gulf States

February 15th, 2020  

Topic: OMAN. Vol 2 of The Armed Forces of the Gulf States

I meant to let you all know that my book on Oman is now out. Came out at the end of 2019. 16 pages of colour for vehicles, aircraft and armour plus badges patches and lots of details on the Omani Armed Forces. The blurb is as follows:
‘The Armed Forces of the Gulf States, Volume 2’, covers the military, police, and selected para-military services of the Muscat & Oman, and the successor Sultanate of Oman in period from 1921 until 2012. Great Britain and Oman have had various mutual defence treaties since centuries. This resulted in establishment of very close ties between the British and the Sultan of Oman’s armed forces. Since 1920s, the British seconded and contract personnel served with the latter services through forming, leading, advising and training them. ‘The Armed Forces of the Gulf States, Volume 2’, is providing not only the story of this service, but also an in-depth history of the emerging Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces, the Dhofar Force, plus selected para-military services, including regimental and corps histories, and selected military operations. Richly illustrated – also with exclusive photographs and colour profiles of the uniforms, equipment, and insignia - this comprehensive history of Oman military forces from early days to independence and well beyond, is supported by an extensive glossary of terms and comprehensive time-charts, detailing the dates of formation and disbandment or re-designation of entire scores of units. ‘The Armed Forces of the Gulf States, Volume 2: Oman, 1921-2012’ is thus an indispensable source of reference for those interested in the military history of this part of the world, the history of the Arab-British cooperation, but also a memorial for those who served in the Sultan’s Armed Forces, and to their families.
Additional Information
Publisher Helion & Company
ISBN 9781912866069
Date of Publication October 2019
Binding Paperback
Book Size 297mm x 210mm
Pages 90 pages
Images 73 b/w photos, 16pp colour section, 4 maps, 26 tables
Language English text
Helion Book Code HEL1098
Currently working on Vol 3 which covers Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. Same format. Vol 4 is already completed but wont be out until early 2021. It is a 3rd edition of The Armed Forces of Aden and the Protectorate 1839-1967 but it is not in the Middle East at War format, has 16 coloured pages which show many of the old uniforms of obscure military forces. Also scores of new high res black and white photos quality photos of British Troops in Aden. There is also a volume 5 in the pipeline (hopefully).
BRgds Quicksilver aka Cliff Lord

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