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December 25th, 2011  
I was doing the firestar heroic 4 with with 2 other guys, we had no healing and shouldn't had been attempting it. Anyways we manage to get to the last guy, General something. The 2 other guys die and I survive. I tried to flee so I could come back and Ressurect my buds and the General chases me.... No bs, one of the packs of mobs killed him..... They killed their own boss lol. Greatest bug ever.
December 29th, 2011  
I have to say some of the Imperial class stories are pretty fun. Its good to be BAD.

I play on a RP server so everything I say below is not 100% relevant to the game, although it does impact the choices I make in the story. No spoilers.

I am just trying out a Female Inquisitor (a hot but really nasty bit*h) who has done some downright heinous things for power (and a bit of sport). I never knew how much fun it is to electrocute people, especially helpless people tied down...

I also have my Bounty Hunter, is not as evil as my Inqusitor but he lives by four simple rules which he never breaks...

1. A job, is a job, is a job. As long as there are enough credits at the end of it no job will be refused no matter from who its from. The Sith, the Imperial Military, Business Corporations, the Crime Syndicates, even (on occasion) the Republic. Though these jobs are rare as the Republic doesn't like BH much and doesn't pay nearly as well as the empire. They also tend to be a bit squeamish about his methods. So its usually a waste of time taking Republic jobs.

2. Only kill people if you are getting paid for it, or if its necessary for the completion of a job. Ammo, powerpacks, Stims, etc cost money, and money is the only thing that counts.

3. When you take a job he always sees it done no matter what. Will not be swayed by pleas of mercy/sympathy, bribes, or threats no matter what. My Bounty Hunter is loyal his CURRENT employer. Of course once I'm paid, the current contract is terminated and all bets are off.

4. He will always collect payment in full and on time, one way or another. There are no delinquent accounts. Trust me, You'll pay. Credits are preferred (for both parties) but those are in short supply he'll take his payment somewhere else....

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