Oh no! Not another Aussie! Hide!

June 7th, 2005  

Topic: Oh no! Not another Aussie! Hide!

Heyyy people,

Right, first off i have no military experience except from stories told to me about my grandfather's time as a combat engineer during WW2. (But that's not experience at all is it, d'uh)

I DO however have 17 years martial arts experience, live on a farm, love firearms/knives/swords/things-that-go-bang-boom-crash and ABSOLUTELY ADORE anything military. I spend hours in army surplus stores just staring at scratched old 30Cal ammo boxes. Just yesterday i was in my local store and bought myself a "Rambo" style survival knife. Urgh what a horrible movie. Damn good book though!

Instead of going into the army as a Combat Engineer like my Pop, i chose at the last minute to go to university and now have a Degree in Humanities, double majoring in English and History.

Because of my un-armed combat training i decided it was time i concentrated more on firearms (legally of course, with a licence and a sporting permit). I've been around farms and rifles all of my life and i know how to use Stirling .22, Magnum .222, Hornet and 12 Gauge Shotguns - but mainly just your smaller calibre bolt action rifles.

I have a good deal of experience with simple weapons like knives, throwing knives, and improvised weapons too...

I look forward to chatting to you all.

June 8th, 2005  
Ahhh, the Aussies are here. The Aussies are here.
Welcome to the forums.
June 8th, 2005  
Welcome to the forums Rich.

Where in Australia are you from?
(if you don't mind sharing...)
June 8th, 2005  
Welcome, as red asked. I have relatives donw under!

Love Australia, just not too found of all those deadly animales you got down there
June 8th, 2005  
Love Australia, just not too found of all those deadly animales you got down there
Pffft, they're not dangerous.

They're just misunderstood

oh, and Ozmilman, howz it goin.
June 8th, 2005  
Oh, I see it's nice down under. Welcome to the forums from the other side of the world.
June 8th, 2005  

now thats one of the ones that is veeeeery dangerous!!!
the others, pfft, overrated!!!
June 8th, 2005  
Howdy and welcome to the forums!
June 8th, 2005  
Australian Animals never stop to amaze me. Anyway hello and enjoy the forums.
June 9th, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Welcome. Yeah those first two are soo over rated.