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Oh my God help!
July 14th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Oh my God help!
Well, Lilmiss, who knows? i might come 8)
I have a homie in L.A. and I might fly to CA some time around next Feb.
Until then, though , I'll give you this:


and http://slate.msn.com/id/2102723



(or others about the reasons why he sucks: )






There are some links in there and they tell you about whats false in Fahrenheit 9/11, too. The first one is specifically about the movie though.
Please let me know if it's of some use. i know its lots of links but trust me there would me millions more, I just gave you the most interesting ones.
Take a couple of hrs for yourself and read them.
Unfortunately I ain't too much into US tv shows or things so I can't say ( each one of us has to fight his own personal battle , you know I have my fair share ), but brainwashing your son is one of the meanest things they could do. As far as thats concerned, Lilmiss, I wouldnt let anyone interfere with my son, specially when it comes to such relevant issues like the way to view your Country or the extent to which love it, not even members of my family.
Ask them politely not to involve your son ( how old is he?) in any of their initiatives.

You wrote: "Mainly, I am going to find someone, a man, who is smart and patient, to talk to my son without my parents around...".
I'll tell you who the best person to do that is: it is you, it's gotta be you.

And you definitely don't need to find anyone 'intelligent' to do that, your intelligence, from what I've seen, is cunning and absolutely up to the task.
You said : " I need for my son to understand that anyone can make a movie and make other people look stupid". Tons of people I know don't understand that, for instance. You can teach your son that TV, like any other thing, is good or bad depending on who makes it and on who watches it. Your son deserves it, take a 2 hr break and learn about what your family is telling him about.
I'm glad if I'm being helpful, Lilmiss.
July 14th, 2004  
Thanks for those links. I was exactly looking for that. I don't know about me being the "man" to talk to my son. I let someone give him the birds and the bees talk. Sometimes a man has gotta talk to a man....

And not even really a man for this one, just a person that isn't me. If you haven't noticed, when talking to family, other family usally puts up their mental defenses and doesn't listen.

So I take it back about a man. A smart person who isn't family would do. But I am definately going to look at those links.
July 15th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Yeah I guess I see your point.
Let me know what you think of those links anyways. Later Lilmiss
Oh my God help!
July 16th, 2004  
I will look up those links. For the next ten days I am involved in an event at work and plan to be out of my brain until its over... Then whatever brain is left, I will put it back in and look at the links..