The oft Forgotten Attrocities of the Japanese - Page 3

October 21st, 2004  
Lets not all forget when they denied to surrender even when america threatend to use the bomb( The Bomb ment nothing then) The Japs in Ww2 also allowed thier citizens to starve to death and were equiping thier soilders with swords. They also has an estimated 2,000 aircraft hidden in mountains to protect aginast allied bombing.
October 22nd, 2004  
Mark Conley
Originally Posted by Dameon
In britian a couple of years back the Queen was meeting with the Emperor of Japan, and the civilians watching thier had all been given Japanese flags but as the Limo with the Emperor and Queen in it came down the Rode all of the old guard turned thier backs to the emperor, basicly saying they hav not forgivin Japan. As of now I do not believe Japan has paid money for Pearl Harbor or any of the other massive attacks on December 6. However Japan is Currently Under the 'Pacifist' Military Description , which is something that can not realy be denied, especialy when you compare thier military with switzerland it becomes clear they would have to take decades to get a fighting military up. Also the Japs were realy big on Using Bio and Chemical weapons in ww2
i'm not sure about this..was this the emperor of japan during the war? or his current son?

i could see the man being discredited that was to blame...maybe. i could see the symbolism of the moment of britain not forgiving and forgetting..maybe. Now as to who were the Old Guard...retired soldiers? civilians connected to the war..personally? i'm not sure what this would lead to...

then again..its that egocentrific american mind set i have i guess..according to some..america just wanted to burn them all up. i know my grandfather..and my uncles were sure in favor of it. And said so a number of times.

they are dead now..God rest them. and i guess they are re-united with what friends they had at that time and place that would have encouraged that type of thinking. Me..i was fortunate enough to live in Japan as a child..and looked at the people through a pair of childs eyes.

They got angry. they were happy. they stole things..they ran the towns they went to church or what ever it was they called short..the ones i ran into were only different in that they talked in an incompreensible language at 90 miles per hour...and seem to drive their motorcycles the same way. I know, because one of those motorcycles hit me...and i'm still here.

so in this retrospect id have to say its not the people..its the leaders..and if we keep bopping on the people for something now most had nothing to do with..we'll i wouldn't be surprised at the result.

Just an opinion
October 25th, 2004  
Yes, It was olkder Gentlem who made up the Guard at this time. They were angry because the queen was meeting with what they still called an enemy.