Officers and crew USS Rochester 1918 group photo

May 29th, 2015  

Topic: Officers and crew USS Rochester 1918 group photo

Hi. I was just looking for some collectors who would be interested in my photos. There are quite a few. The USS Rochester has to be pieced back together a little bit, but the image quality is just remarkable & it is 3 years shy of being ancient. I have 2 photos of a destroyer #290 getting pulled in. The rest of the photos are random photos of the soldiers both on & off the boat. My 2 favorites are of a small group of soldiers letting loose and drinking off some bottles. All the pictures are in excellent condition with the exception of the group picture. Personally I think it gives the photo more character. So any thoughts?
May 29th, 2015  
Do you have them to share dearest?

Oh wait your male, forget that last part.