Obama to hold White House meetings on Ferguson

December 1st, 2014  
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Topic: Obama to hold White House meetings on Ferguson

WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama will discuss the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, with his Cabinet, civil rights leaders, law enforcement officials and others Monday.

December 2nd, 2014  
Fact there are 43 million American Blacks in this Country since 2013 123 black males were killed by white police officers , 123 out of 43 million how does that even compute , another interesting compute is that fully half of black families are receiving government hand outs which is one reason that poor and middle class are becoming one class .
December 2nd, 2014  
Hey now tetvet,
At some point or another alot of folks need a little help. I was one of them. It was food assistance. When I was married to a lying, no good for nothing, I was actually getting four times as much food stipend as I did when he left. Then I got $16.00 a month. So it ain't all that great.
Have not needed it for a great while now. Let someone else get it. There's alot more needy people out there than I.

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