Obama gets tough -- with liberals!

Obama gets tough -- with liberals!
December 9th, 2010  

Topic: Obama gets tough -- with liberals!

Obama gets tough -- with liberals!
"The president cut a deal with the GOP on tax cuts and jobless benefits. Liberals are furious, but as a practical move, it made sense."
By Doyle McManus LA Times December 9, 2010

"For months, anxious Democrats have been asking why Barack Obama couldn't be more like Bill Clinton, their last successful president. Now Obama has gone and done something Clintonian by striking a compromise with Republicans to extend high-income tax cuts, and his own party's liberals are furiously accusing him of betraying their ideals."

December 10th, 2010  
Looks like Democrats are not happy with President Obama's compromise. Looks like the Democrats can't seem to agree on a course for the nation.

"Reporting from Washington
House Democrats erupted into open revolt Thursday over the tax-cut deal negotiated by President Obama and Republican leaders, threatening to undermine GOP support and rekindling the prospect of a tax increase for virtually every American worker....."

Lisa Mascaro and Richard Simon, Tribune Newspapers


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