Now we know: the top ten greatest ever tanks of all time - Page 20

February 2nd, 2006  
Good to see those in color for a change

Spare parts? You can make parts
February 3rd, 2006  
Oh! Ic, So there are still people in the world making spare parts in small quantities of ancient weapons?
February 3rd, 2006  
Think thats the tank (probably not the actual tank) that was in Indiana Jones wasnt it? thought it looked familiar. The parts would most likely have to be custom made as theres so few examples left that it wouldnt be economical to have a large production run.
February 4th, 2006  
ok, Thanks! Any idea if any company would produce some of these tanks for replication wars or just loan from the museum?
April 8th, 2014  

Topic: Discovery had x2 shows that reated top 10 tanks

Originally Posted by deerslayer
Yes, I was wondering where the Tiger was. Strange that they would omit that.
In the earlier show I only remember the top 3, they are as follows:

1) T-34
2) M1-Abrams
3) Tiger-1
April 10th, 2014  

Topic: M1 vs 1IA1

Originally Posted by MightyMacbeth
then what about the M1A2?

I say it should be mentioned as well dont you think?

it should be better than the M1A1 right?
That would be implied, but the point was they mentioned the Abrams. To be correct they likely mentioned the one that was used in Desert Storm which saw the most combat, verses the one with the upgraded armor.