Now, How Did You Want That Haircut?!

April 9th, 2006  

Topic: Now, How Did You Want That Haircut?!

WHEN I WAS INDUCTED into the Coast Guard, I had to go to the base barbershop for my first military haircut. The barber walked over to me, electric razor in hand, and shaved right down the middle of my head. Smiling broadly, he asked, "Now what would you like me to do?"

--Contributed to "Humor In Uniform" by Richard Howe

Provided Courtesy of Reader's Digest.
April 9th, 2006  
I would have read him the riot act!
April 9th, 2006  
April 9th, 2006  
Ehehehe...reminds me of bootcamp. DIs told us we could get any haircut we wanted as long as it included all the hair being removed from our heads.
April 13th, 2006  
Italian Guy
Then how did you want it cut in the end?
April 17th, 2006  
August 6th, 2006  
My barber for my first haircut asked me if I liked racecars.....I don't anymore!
August 26th, 2006  
Team Infidel
Welcome to the military